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fps gamer with VR 3d glasses  

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Teddy - gamer who sits at home plays counterstrike all day


Jennie - Teddy's sweet girlfriend who he loves dearly


bob - fat bob runs a second hand radioshack shop






Teddy sits at home playin computer games all day. Rainy day outside ' lightning hits and an electric shock blows up his computer., he goes to radioshack to get parts to fix his computer. Fatbob is the manager of the shop、 teddy asks for a  new power box for his computer.


Fat Bob has the powerbox for 19.99 , he also recommends this new 3d glasses equipment' put it on and experience reality!


//3d glasses costs 399$ but for now its free to trial、 company makes money selling the cartidges  、 each better experience at a higher price..  starting from 10$ per experience up to 250,000$ per experience . The price of a house !  3d glasses has an input it can play cartidges. These cartidges are like yachtin w a supermodel ' or childhood first love or superhero saves a planet full of naked women.


//One caveat :all these cartidges at first feels like the perfect experience at first ' but always has a huge flaw ' maybe it doesn't end or the perfect women stabs him in the back . So perfection but always flawed.


So Fatbob gives teddy the 3d glasses and some 10$ experience 'something simple with girls maybe a kiss. 


Teddy goes home and tries out the new toy, he goes into an interesting love virtual reality experience and ends w a kiss. 


He wants more? He goes back to the electronic shop. Fatbob tries to upsell him for a more expensive cartidge like 100$ for experience 


He goes home and tries out the new experience ' ignoring his girlfriend who cooks macroni and cheese for him 、 his favourite dish. He camps out in his room counterstrike and goes into a whole new virtual experience. Ignoring his real girlfriend.


Each new experience  = new issue 


Fatbob at radioshack keeeps tryin to sell more expensive cartidges where teddy has to pawn off things in his house to get more money to buy. Soon pawning off the lease to his house

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