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Art of Jaguar is exactly what it sounds like and more! This website displays the grand artwork of Jaguar, an artist with a talent for crafting interesting stories that are beyond the likes of anything you have ever seen before.

Who is Jaguar? He’s an artist with a style that no one can replicate. A talented guy, Jaguar draws with a wacom tablet and a 27 inch Imac, performing his artistic feats while shirtless. Original and funny, Jaguar will take you to great heights and places beyond your wildest dreams. Jaguar draws for many comic series- Cootchies, Mr. Pinkus, Rich Bitch, Love Thy Neighbor, and Dirty Homeless Needs. Each comic is extraordinarily different from each other, but they have similar elements- compelling, interesting characters and innovative scenarios. Take a browse around and see what Art of Jaguar has to offer- you will not be disappointed. Now, have fun and read our comics!

Two websites will be available for (ArtJaguar.com)- a G rated comic site that will provide fun for everyone, and (ArtOFJaguar.com) an uncensored adult site for our mature viewers. No matter what your needs consist of, ArtofJaguar will provide you with the best!

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ArtofJaguar presents great original comics with impressive art, humor, and flair! From the girl chasing antics of Banging Buddies to the spoiled adventures of Rich Bitch, you will find that ArtofJaguar provides an array of comics for adults and mainstream audiences. Depending on what your tastes are, you will find something here that suits you (though we wouldn’t be surprised if you like it all!) The art is well detailed, the proportions eye catching. With expressive panels that portray action and suspense, you’ll stay strapped into your seat just to see the many perils and escapades these characters go through. Don't just take our word for it, view the preview below.

Flip through Banging Buddies Issue 1, see why it converts!

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